Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The SMIbookclub Review of Hope Breaks!

I absolutely loved this review!!!
All Hope wants is some damn aspirin but she gets more than that! Actually I don’t think she got her Tylenol at least not in the pill form ;)
The first guy she sees is Tall, with broad shoulders and chestnut brown hair.
“Look lady, I’m not interested.”
“I know we’re not suppose to be rude to customers but a guy can only take so much.”
“I haven’t–”
I’m gonna stop right there because the next line tripped me out and I want you guys to see for yourself!
The next guy is AAA, young, good looking with a cowboy swag! I mean all I could think was:
and when she said “Then his face turned hungry like a wolf. The Big Bad Wolf! …. I had a cover coming up that was for an erotic retelling of Little Red Riding Hood” this picture immediately popped into my head: #DontJudgeMe
http://www.smibookclub.com/review-hope-breaks-by-alice-bello/  Click here to see the Big Bad Wolf pic. 
Then we meet the third guy JAKE! broad, solid and hard as a crowbar! Now I found this picture:
but these makes me think of him:

“I was trying to look for a reason to spend some more time with you… and not drag you upstairs into bed.”
“By all means, buy me a meal before you drag me to bed.
*fans self* Yeah I’ll drag you to bed and we wont be getting out of it! The sexual chemistry was ON POINT! It was a good way to start my morning, I’ll tell you that! :)
NOW THE ENDING??? Are You SHITTING ME!!?? I was sooooo pissed! I don’t accept that! I seriously need a book 2. THE END?? no that can’t be the damn end!! (P.S. This is a Novella)
Ladies, remember when we said we wanted a story about a guy that wasn’t a billionaire? Well here it is LOL I still love you Christian and Gideon but shout out to all the SEXY WALMART EMPLOYEES ;)
Good Job Alice, now book 2 please!!
SMIBookClub received a ARC copy of Hope Breaks from the author in exchange for an honest review
-Laters, Akilah

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  1. Lol thanks for sharing and yea that wolf pick lol