Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hope Breaks: A New Cover...

I've had a lot of readers and reviewers (a special thanks to Akilah from SMIBookClub!) say the cover for Hope Breaks doesn't match the book ( or Jake...).  Also, the cover image I chose turned out to be on at least four other ebooks. 
How embarrasing.
So I set out on Istock, again, this time trying to find the perfect man to embody Jake Troy (sigh...).
I typed in Sexy Hot Men, and this guy's picture was on every page I scrolled down, often more than once.  He looked so much like what I thought Jake would look like.  But there were so many pictures.  Some didn't show enough skin, some made him too too slick, some were just too far away looking.
But then I saw this one.  I was sure it didn't have enough skin in it, and I doubted I could fit my title, blurb and name on it.
(Fanning my self)
So I asked my friend April how and if I could search the internet to see if this pic was used elsewhere... she told me how to Google Search it, and thankfully I found no instance of it being used for an ebook!


So I threw it into GIMP and voila, this cover just appeared.
So tell me what you think at or on twitter @alicebello72

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The SMIbookclub Review of Hope Breaks!

I absolutely loved this review!!!
All Hope wants is some damn aspirin but she gets more than that! Actually I don’t think she got her Tylenol at least not in the pill form ;)
The first guy she sees is Tall, with broad shoulders and chestnut brown hair.
“Look lady, I’m not interested.”
“I know we’re not suppose to be rude to customers but a guy can only take so much.”
“I haven’t–”
I’m gonna stop right there because the next line tripped me out and I want you guys to see for yourself!
The next guy is AAA, young, good looking with a cowboy swag! I mean all I could think was:
and when she said “Then his face turned hungry like a wolf. The Big Bad Wolf! …. I had a cover coming up that was for an erotic retelling of Little Red Riding Hood” this picture immediately popped into my head: #DontJudgeMe  Click here to see the Big Bad Wolf pic. 
Then we meet the third guy JAKE! broad, solid and hard as a crowbar! Now I found this picture:
but these makes me think of him:

“I was trying to look for a reason to spend some more time with you… and not drag you upstairs into bed.”
“By all means, buy me a meal before you drag me to bed.
*fans self* Yeah I’ll drag you to bed and we wont be getting out of it! The sexual chemistry was ON POINT! It was a good way to start my morning, I’ll tell you that! :)
NOW THE ENDING??? Are You SHITTING ME!!?? I was sooooo pissed! I don’t accept that! I seriously need a book 2. THE END?? no that can’t be the damn end!! (P.S. This is a Novella)
Ladies, remember when we said we wanted a story about a guy that wasn’t a billionaire? Well here it is LOL I still love you Christian and Gideon but shout out to all the SEXY WALMART EMPLOYEES ;)
Good Job Alice, now book 2 please!!
SMIBookClub received a ARC copy of Hope Breaks from the author in exchange for an honest review
-Laters, Akilah

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hope Breaks: Good Reviews and a blurb from New York Times Bestselling Author Jasinda Wilder!

So far Hope Breaks has gotten some really great reviews.  I'd like to thank all the bloggers and Goodreads reviewers and Amazon reviewers.  You are fantastic!

I even recieved a blurb from New York Times Bestselling Author Jasinda Wilder!!!

In HOPE BREAKS, Alice Bello has struck a fine balance between funny and sensual. Hope is a dynamic and believable narrator. And Jake? Well, he's a hot hunk of book boyfriend I wouldn’t mind reading more of. ~*~ New York Times Bestselling Author Jasinda Wilder

Isn't her signature avatar ADORABLE!!!!!

So far this Self Publishing thing has been a delight. 

Thank you all so very much.


Alice Bello