Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hope Breaks: A New Cover...

I've had a lot of readers and reviewers (a special thanks to Akilah from SMIBookClub!) say the cover for Hope Breaks doesn't match the book ( or Jake...).  Also, the cover image I chose turned out to be on at least four other ebooks. 
How embarrasing.
So I set out on Istock, again, this time trying to find the perfect man to embody Jake Troy (sigh...).
I typed in Sexy Hot Men, and this guy's picture was on every page I scrolled down, often more than once.  He looked so much like what I thought Jake would look like.  But there were so many pictures.  Some didn't show enough skin, some made him too too slick, some were just too far away looking.
But then I saw this one.  I was sure it didn't have enough skin in it, and I doubted I could fit my title, blurb and name on it.
(Fanning my self)
So I asked my friend April how and if I could search the internet to see if this pic was used elsewhere... she told me how to Google Search it, and thankfully I found no instance of it being used for an ebook!


So I threw it into GIMP and voila, this cover just appeared.
So tell me what you think at or on twitter @alicebello72


  1. Swoon, swoon, swoon! I love it Alice, especially those eyes which seem to be making all sorts of outrageous suggestions to this happily married woman (!) I've downloaded your ebook so look forward to a cerebral experience with him. (Shhh don't tell the hubby.)
    xo Christina Larmer

  2. I love the cover also but this guy does not have brown eyes.

  3. Cristina, you bad, bad girl! And thanks Jen