Saturday, June 17, 2017

Review for White Hot by (the AMAZING!!!) Ilona Andrews


White Hot Review
For a while now Ilona Andrews has been my go-to, automatic buy, favorite author.

From her Kate Daniels novels, Edge Novels, Inn Keeper Chronicle, and now her Hidden Legacy Novels.

Book one, Burn for Me, was great, fantastic. Her men are still alphas, her heroine is awesome, and the world she created—totally original.
Nevada and Rogan are at it again in White Hot. Nevada’s mad as hell that he just disappeared on her. Rogan is… well, is there a word for sexy and infuriating? Whatever, he’s being Rogan, and this book not only brings in some fairly evil, terrible characters (and a few horrific monsters) but—to my utter enjoyment—builds the story on the fantastic characters Ilona already had. Bug, Augustine, Cornelius, his daughter and his animals, and Nevada’s seriously irritating and loveable family.

And don’t forget that Nevada has a job to do. The head of her family’s private investigation firm.
This book has it all: twists, turns, romance, comedy, the very best violence, and really dirty, rotten villains.

White Hot is a must read. If you haven’t read book one, go and buy it now!
Oh, and get ready for book 3 when it drops in July!

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